Heartleader Downloads (Sounds & Presets & Co)

Heartleader Tuned Kicks Vol. 1

House / Deep House / Tech House / Techno

-1.536 tuned Kick Drums

-128 different Kicks per Root/3rd/5th Note per Root Note

-high quality WAV Files for all DAW's organise in Folder (Samples)

-12 Ableton Drum Racks to process your Kicks further



-Most of them are on Root Key and some are on 3rd and 5th when it sounds better


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ALC Midi Files for Ableton:

1A - G# Minor.alc

1B - B Major.alc

2A - D# Minor.alc

2B - F# Major.alc

3A - A# Minor.alc

3B - C# Major.alc

4A - F Minor.alc

4B - G# Major.alc

5A - C Minor.alc

5B - D# Major.alc

6A - G Minor.alc

6B - A# Major.alc

7A - D Minor.alc

7B - F Major.alc

8A - A Minor.alc

8B - C Major.alc

9A - E Minor.alc

9B - G Major.alc

10A - B Minor.alc

10B - D Major.alc

11A - F# Minor.alc

11B - A Major.alc

12A - C# Minor.alc

12B - E Major.alc

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 300.7 KB

Heartleader Ableton Template
Heartleader Ableton10 V1.ask
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